SHS vs. KY – Final Showdown

Brace yourselves!🤩 The time has come to find out the greatest of all. The greatest of the two best student communities that exist – KY and SHS.🔥

This is SHS vs. KY – The Final Showdown.🏆 In this battle, KY from Aalto and SHS from Hanken School of Economics go head-to-head in a competition that is one of a kind, the type of battle you have never seen before in your life.😎

In this contest, there are two teams, one from KY and one from SHS. The teams can acquire points by answering questions that relate to different student-friendly themes. The teams will also undertake different challenges and can earn extra points if they are successful. Also, a surprise performance and other fun entertainment is guaranteed, so be sure not to miss this show!🎉

The competition will take place in OUBS’s very own Wappustudio and will be streamed on KY’s and SHS’s channels for all KY and SHS’s members, and of course for the whole Aalto community – you can watch the show live and cheer your favourite team to victory.

How to participate?😊

Here comes the catch for you guys!👀 You can affect which challenges KY and SHS will do in the greatest battle of all time. Just send us a suggestion of a challenge you’d like to see through the form below. Preferably, also send us a short video where you perform the challenge yourself that can be shown in the livestream (you can find the contact information below). The challenge can be, for example, the hardest toilet paper stunt you have learned during the quarantine or your bravura party trick – only the sky’s the limit! 🤩

The videos will be shown in the livestream before the team will try the challenge.📺

Please send us your challenges by Sunday 26th April 23.59 pm!

When: Tuesday 28.4.2020
Time: 19:00
Link to the livestream: to be announced later in this event.

How do I send a challenge? 🤸

Just film a short video where you perform a challenge and send it to us through email by Sunday 26th April 23.59 pm!

You can also send your suggestion in a text format:


Apr 28 2020


19:00 - 21:00