OUBS ry has renovated the old studio space left behind by the late OUBS and Aate. It is once again in use and located in the basement floor of Jämeräntaival 1.

The studio has about 100 sqm of floor space and 3.5m tall ceilings. The ceiling has hanging spots for studio lights, sets and other props/equipment. The central 12m-by-6m empty space is surrounded by black Molton stage curtains. The basic rental fee includes a projector fixed to the ceiling and basic sound system. The studio lighting attached to the ceiling and a larger sound system is available to rent for an extra fee (see below).

We wish for the studio space to be used especially for producing media. Hence, the space is especially suitable for project such as filming short films, teasers, commercials or photo shoots. Beside that, it is great for get-togethers, movie nights, live streaming meetings or panel discussions as well as band evenings.

The user hours are 10-23. The space must be empty by 23.00 exactly, as it is located in the basement floor of an appartment building.


Active members of OUBS are happy to answer any questions related to the studio space and its equipment.


How to reserve the studio:

  1. Reserve the space using AYY’s TILA
  2. If you wish to get the Audio & Lights or Custom package, fill in the form below.
  3. Enjoy the OUBS maintained studio!
  4. For any questions, contact vuokraus [at] oubs.fi

    * = pakollinen kenttä / have to fill

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    Lomakkeen tietosuojaseloste. (Privacy statement about the form, only available in Finnish.


    Basic package, 50 €/day


    • Projector and 150″ screen
    • Basic sound system (able to play music from laptop/phone)
    • Fluorescent lighting

    Basic with Audio & Lights, 50€ + 50€ = 100 €/day


    Lights (this package does not include physically adjusting the lamps without permission!)

    • 8x Multiform Multispot Eco-II LS1195
    • 6x Ledbars RGB
    • 4x 100w front wash (Varytec led profile 3000K)
    • 2x 150w profiler (Varytec led profile)
    • Preprogrammed Midi-mixer (Akai midimix)
    • An assortment of video lights


    • Precision Audio speakers
    • Precision Audio Subwoofer
    • 2x Corded Microphone

    The additional packages are reserved by filling out this form when reserving the studio. Without filling said form, only the tech listed in basic package will be available for use.


    Custom package, starting from 200 € (final price will be discussed with OUBS)

    If you’re planning an event or a project at the studio, please contact OUBS first at vuokraus [at] oubs.fi.


    The following are negotiable:

    • Use of the tech control room
      • better light controller
      • 32 channel audio mixer
    • Use of equipment owned by OUBS
      • Backgrounds: Greenscreen, white paper screen…
      • More lighting
      • Video cameras, stands, steadycam
      • Corded (Rodé,…) and cordless (Sennheiser) microphones
      • Cables, adapters
    • Changes to the studio lighting (do not adjust lights without permission!)
        Equipment from the following manufacturers: Arri, Lowel, DTS
    • Help from OUBS
        Audio and light technicians, camera operators…
    • Ask more! vuokraus [at] oubs.fi